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We are not saying Yola is the best free web site builder, but it is for us, it depends on the parameters you require for a web site, as you can probable see, this site is constructed using  free Yola. - Yola provides free websites for personal use, business websites, or nonprofits with no banner ads. No hidden charges with no credit card required. Powerful, easy-to-use tools with reliable hosting. Over 100 customizable free website templates. No forced advertising.



Ad Free

Only their own

Band Width


Blog Tools


Customer Support

Yes Brilliant

E Commerce Tools


Ease of Use (10 difficult)


File Manager


Free Domains

Sub Domain

Free Google Adsense Vouchers




Google Adsense




How Long Free For


Membership Tools


Mp4 Jutebox


No Of  Pages


No Of Emails (Per Domain)


No Of Sites

5 per Email

Phone Support


Picture Gallery


Storage Space

1025 per 5 Sites


Yes 100’s



Video Player


Video Storage


Web Site Editor


Web Statistics


Widget Library




Password Protection


Buid a stand out website

Build a stand out website

Do it yourself

  • Powerful web editing tools
  • Get your site up in minutes
  • No technical skills needed
  • Nothing to download

Photos and video

  • Engage your visitors with video (YouTube, etc)
  • Easily pull in photos from your Flickr or SmugMug account

Express yourself

  • Over 100 Free Styles to choose from
  • Basic and Premium Styles available

Have your say

  • Start a blog to tell the world what you know
  • Give your visitors a place to discuss what's on their minds
  • Customize your site
  • Customize your site 
  • Make your design unique
  • Customizable website templates to get the look you need
  • Pay for Premium Style designs
  • Customize your background
  • Add your logo or upload a custom banner image
  • Enhance your site with cost-effective stock photographs

Custom clever bits

  • Add your own HTML
  • Add a favicon to your site

Add widgets

  • Easily select from over 60,000 widgets with our Widgetbox

  • Enhance your website
  • Enhance your website 
  • Reach your visitors
  • Add Google maps so your customers can find you
  • Keep in touch by emailing your visitors with Constant Contact
  • Add online forms to collect information from site visitors
  • Book appointments directly from your website 
  • Start earning
  • Make money by adding Google AdSense to your site
  • Use the PayPal shopping cart to sell
  • Collect donations for your charity 
  • Promote your business
  • Yola sites are built with SEO in mind
  • Customize your meta-data
  • Partner with Wpromote 
  • Keep it private
  • Limit access to pages with password protection Publish to the web
  • Publish to the web 
  • It's all in the name
  • Use a free
  • get an easy to remember web address with a Custom Domain Name 
  • Free
  • Free website builder
  • No banner or pop-up ads
  • Free hosting 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Manage your files
  • Make changes and add updates in a snap - no technical knowledge required 
  • Get help
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Enthusiastic community
  • Online tutorials, videos and webinars


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