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Use this site to compare various free web site builders, but why have a free site,? good question, read the following article for the answers.

Free websites are a type of web service where you get free web sites on their server which you create free. Free web sites have several advantages, but mainly that it costs nothing (no money and no credit cards needed). The site is there forever or as long as the server is in existence. The problem with paid sites is that, if, for one reason or another if you stop paying, they either delete your site or reduce it to the parameters of their free users.

We had a site a few years ago with about 60 pages, and we had to stop paying, and without our permission they reduce the site to 12 pages and deleted 48 pages indiscriminately, thereby destroying the site completely.

Another of the advantages of having your own free site, is you can update it whenever you want without having to pay an "IT pro" to do it, if, for instance it is for your local club or team, you can, if another members of the club have details of log in etc, they can, put, say results, news, fixtures, events photos into your web site, which you can edit, and even change the password if  you wish to restrict it again., the list is limitless, and all at no cost.

We do not take the liberty of recommending a programme as everybody’s needs are different, but you should be able to find the site builder to suit you from this web site

About this web site

The pages on this site cover different aspects of building your own site using an online free site builder

The Comparisons Table

On this page you can some of the top building programmes, the three main things to look for are, site memory, number of pages and the difficulty of using, solutions to these problems can be seen on the solutions page. The sites in the table are in alphabetical order, not in preference.

Getting Started

This gives you some pointers on web site building.

Normal problems

Here you can see some of the problems you are likely to encounter when using a free building programme


This will give you some ways to overcome the short comings of free building programmes

List of free web hosting

Here is a list of web hosting programmes for the more experienced web site builder.


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